"Our goal: to unite growers, traders and florists and their love of beautiful flowers!"

Summerflowers started out of love for beautiful, sometimes "forgotten", flowers. Take, for example, roses, which you can buy everywhere throughout the year. That is because the rose is such a well-known flower, but there are so many other beautiful flowers that are not generally known.

Summerflowers supports the smaller nursery with the special flowers by helping them tell their story and informing the wholesaler and all florists about their existence and availability. And of course we provide the inspiration and information about the use of these beautiful products to get the best out of it.

We hope that your love for beautiful flowers is as big as ours, and together we can make the world more colorful.

Most beautiful season of the year

Autumn is probably the most underrated season of the year. There are songs about summer, spring and even winter. Songs about autumn are generally depressing and sad. It’s as if life is over after autumn. This may be true in the autumn of life, but the season of autumn is more a time for rest and reflection. For many, it’s also about having time to think about the fun things you can still do and about making plans for the next year. It is the season for reminiscing about the fun things from the summer period, with a beautiful bunch…


Summer 2022

Many people really live outdoors in the summer. The sun has the leading role and in the evenings it’s lovely to enjoy the cool outdoors. Now, flowers are used both indoors and outdoors. However, using flowers on the veranda or balcony is still not common. People still believe that  flowers don’t do as well outdoors. It is up to the florist to inform the customer to the contrary. Most of the flowers we currently produce with the Summerflowers growers come from outside. They have been grown outdoors and can therefore withstand being outside very well. It is important, however, that…


Autumn 2021

Long, cosy evenings Autumn is a season of contradictions. On the one hand, it is a shame that the summer is over, but on the other hand, those longer evenings are also quite nice. At first, you can still enjoy the long evenings to some extent, and people still sit outside in their veranda. These verandas actually form an extension to the living room. Of course, you shouldn’t miss the chance of having flowers on the table. As long as there’s no frost, a bouquet, outside or in the veranda, is no problem at all. The only problem may be…


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