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‘Bred with heart and soul’

It is no coincidence that the logo of Alstroemeria nursery Hoogenboom includes a heart. Our heart lies with the flowers and you can see that. In our nursery in Nieuwe Wetering we grow the most beautiful, top quality Alstroemeria. Our family has been in flower growing for almost 50 years. We started growing Alstroemeria in 1985; at that time we also grew several other products. Today we are fully committed to the Alstroemeria and our greenhouses are filled with the most wonderful varieties. Through Summerflowers we offer varieties that belong to the Florinca product group. These breeds have a unique branch-construction. Every flower stem consists of 5-8 buds, which are piled on top of each other.  So every branch has a wonderful crown full of flowers! These varieties do not produce any pollen, so the flowers do not fall out. Vase-life is therefore longer than that of standard Alstroemeria species. We harvest the branches when the lowest ring of flowers is in full bloom.  This ensures a beautiful presentation from the moment of purchase. By using the latest cultivation techniques, including energy-efficient LED lamps, we are able to grow the highest quality Alstroemeria all year round. In addition, we also use natural enemies so our use of chemical pesticides is kept to a minimum.  Sustainable growing is important to us. To prove this to our customers we are of course MPS A certified. Furthermore, we are working on becoming MPS-GAP certified. With this certificate, we can guarantee the traceability, safety and hygiene of our products. Our nursery in Nieuwe Wetering is located near the Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg flower auctions. Because of this favourable location we can guarantee fast delivery times. Are you curious about where our products come from?

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